Thursday, 3 May 2012

Empty Pockets.

I know we all say this, but why do a whole heap of bills all spring on you at once? MOT due date, insurance, breaks needing repair...even little things like that one bigger more expensive shop where not only have you run out of all food but all your cleaning and washing stuff too. To top it off, my husband is going away next week for five days on a stag do so obviously needs money for that. ALL.AT.ONCE.

It's not so bad though I guess, what I always think is that as long as there is food in the fridge and the bills are paid, that's all that matters. Not only that but it always feels much better when you're out of that sticky phase of the nail biting 'will it pass?' MOT and got the insurance sorted for another year. Of course, it also makes for a sound night's sleep when you know you have enough washing up liquid and bathroom cleaner to see you through the forseeable future too. Phew! God forbid I would be unable to clean the bathroom...

Seriously though, as much as it can mean us penny pinching for a couple of weeks, we are lucky that we are still able to afford it and get through it. The cost of living is so expensive these days as we all know and it makes me wonder how families cope when something goes wrong on the car or the MOT suddenly creeps around, followed by car tax or whatever else and not to mention always accompanied by big shopping lists. For us if we want to cut down, we just shop for the bare minimal and don't buy any treats or don't have a takeaway when we would normally have them - all luxuries. It is different with a family of four or more hungry mouths.

Very different.

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