Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Food makes everything better...

As I have spent most of the day feeling quite moany and down in the dumps because of job searching or pay worries or absent shoes, I have decided the only thing I can do to make myself better and make it up to my husband for being a grumpy guts is to make a yummy dinner (obviously!) So, I have decided tonight to make us Burritos...oh yes, big, fat, stuffed to the brim Burritos! I have already made the guacamole and salsa, both of which are fusing their flavours in the fridge and a little bit later I will start making our immense dinner which will consist of spicy rice, salad, chicken, grilled peppers and grated cheese all wrapped up in two large flour tortillas.

Diet? What diet?

Ok well yes, I have bleated on for pretty much the history of my blog that I am always trying to lose weight or keep it at my 'happy' weight and the last week or so foodwise has been SHAMEFUL to say the least! However, I am taking some comfort in the fact that even when I'm eating naughty dinners, they are still homemade and therefore a lot better than if they were a takeaway or shop bought. Also I have been doing a lot more walking than I've ever done so in my head that means it is cancelling out all the recent naughtiness (whether or not that's true I don't want to know! For now that fact is giving me some comfort, just as much as my tum is!)

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