Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Gone with the WHINGE

What is happening to everyone? Is it the recession? Work stress? Unhappy home lives? Or a combination of all the above and more?

What is causing everybody to want to whinge and moan constantly via the internet to anyone and everyone that will read?

Maybe it is just because that we now have the means that allow us to vent, whinge and feel sorry for ourselves. Maybe it is just so we can get people to comment nice things to cheer us up? A sort of cyber version of a hug and 'there there' To make us feel better?

For the younger generation they have never known anything but using social networks to moan and release inner stress as well as interact.

Ok I will happily admit I have done it in the past - the odd annoyed status has graced my FB page (although there has always been an alterior motive as to why, a nod to someone causing trouble I can't get to directly) but it is probably only a handful of times. I also don't think it a big deal if those who are usually happy and give us pleasure when we read about them online suddenly have a bad day.. I'm talking about the repeat offenders. The ones who moan and whinge about everything; day in day out, every hour of every day. They then wonder why after an hour of the self absorbed status being viral, nobody has commented on their angstfilled status, not realising it is because everyone has heard it all before. (you know this because they then proceed to update with another status about how no one cares enough to comment on their last status) Can't they see that eventually people just get fed up of constant misery and moaning and that they are doing themselves no favours and isolating themselves?

Part of me thinks we need to take a small leaf out the books of our ancestors where everyone had a British 'stiff upper lip' and kept going. If we were somewhere in between in the sense of being open with our feelings and yet not so willing to air ALL our dirty laundry I think we would be ok!

Also, what happened to confiding in our friends and family when we are feeling blue or need to offload! If I feel as though I need a soundproof room to yell in I text someone who's opinion I value and who knows me and will listen. If you put it on Facebook or Twitter you leave it open fore anyone to comment.

(Looking at it, I guess this post could be classed as a whinge but the whingers have drove me to it!)

Surely a glass half full attitude would make these people a bit happier in life? It always seems to be those who actually don't have anything to moan about that repeatedly offend too. I know a handful of different people who are going through some really tough times right now and genuinely have reasons to worry or be upset and yet online you would never know.

Moral of this rant? Don't cry wolf or when you truly DO need someone to listen, people may not be so forthcoming.

We all have down day now and then but come on!! It's not good for you after all...

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