Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Hello?...Where am I??...Just half way over the Atlantic...

One article in the Independant this morning claims that apparantly Virgin will soon be allowing mobile phone usage aboard their flights. I must admit, I find it clever that you will even be able to get a signal at 35,000 feet however, it was enevitable that in this day and age it would happen eventually.

But do we really need it? For some people flights can be challenging enough whether it be because of flying fears or having young children to keep entertained so would the constant sound of mobile phone ringtones and people shouting because the person on the other end can't hear them just add to the turmoil? Not only that, but you could have people pacing up and down the plane trying to get a signal, getting in the way of those who are simply stretching their legs or making their way to the loo.

Others may think it is a great idea, they can keep in touch with friends or loved ones whilst making their journey, make calls in case of an emergency or if it is a business flight, keep up to speed with what is going on on the ground. But then others would argue surely such things can wait until you have safely landed on the other side? Do you really need to be texting friends even if you're bored? If there are any emergencies such as remembering you may have left a light on then a few more hours won't hurt will it? And as for business passengers, if the flight is for business purposes surely any issues can wait until you have arrived?

I guess there will be many conflicting reasons for either celebrating and comiserating  this decision. However my guess is, it is bound to go ahead.

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