Saturday, 12 May 2012

I don't care what the weather man says!

Like pretty much of all of us, I am so fed up with the grey, windy or rainy weather - it is May for goodness sake! We want some sunshine and warmth please! I get to a certain point in the year where I get into summer mode and refuse to revert back to winter clothes if the weather turns for the worst again and I am long passed that point now! If I nip to the shops it will be in flip flops no matter what and if I am going out for the day and it's raining or cold, opting for boots is totally out of the question until at least October now!

However, when I saw the lovely early morning sunshine greet me as I opened the curtains this morning I must admit I did excitedly grab a few pairs of my favourite summer heels in order to decide which ones I wanted to wear out today. (I seem to plan my outfit around my shoes!) The sky has since (of course) turned grey but I don't care, it can hail now if it wants and I will still opt for an open toe show over anything else, it is nearly half way through the year! I should have used some sun cream and been to at least two BBQ's by now!

SUMMER LOVE: Winter shoes are out of the question now!

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