Thursday, 17 May 2012

The injured Soldiers on...

So, as it was a lovely day yesterday Hubby and me went for a little walk to get him out of the house after spending all of Tuesday resting on the sofa and feeling sorry for himself! His shoulder is really painful and so a doss day Tuesday for him was needed but yesterday he felt a little stir crazy (as did I) so we decided a little walk to stretch his legs, get some fresh air and maybe have some lunch would do the trick.
We ended up having some tapas which was a delicious little treat (especially as we got a lunchtime deal - bargain!) Then we had a slow walk home (we can only slow walk because a normal or fast pace really hurts him!)

It was nice to get out and the weather stayed quite nice for a change yesterday rather than fooling you into thinking it was going to be a beautiful day with early morning sunshine and then greying over and raining, it actually stayed pretty dry! Although quite cold at times...

Apparantly this cold spell will be worth it when summer hits and we have a (supposedly) hot couple of months. I've heard that one before so won't hold my breath! Although of course I do really hope that it's true. All this chilly weather is confusing me into thinking it's still around March time when actually we are not far off being half way through 2012 already!! Scary...

Anyway, I am going to go for a little walk myself in a bit and then I have to take the injured one to hospital for physio which he is NOT looking forward to!

Will teach him to take care when enjoying himself around a swimming pool then won't it??

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