Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Just sling and bare it!

So, Moody Monday yesterday and back to the hospital for us so the patient could visit the Fracture clinic for them to assess the damage. Unfortunately the damage is quite bad and he isn't able to return to work just yet (Although he is hoping to be able to return and do something else temporarily) Not very good news to start the week off with!

My mood did improve later however with the purchase of a new pair of shoes (Yep, another!) it doesn't take much to lift my spirits! They are to go with the dress I am wearing for a family friends wedding next month so I am very pleased with my purchase. My outfit is now complete! Sorted!

Talking of shoes, my friend sent me a picture yesterday of a pair of Jimmy Choo kitten heels she had managed to win on Ebay for a bargain price of £60! Jealous much? Just goes to show the bargains are out there! You have to keep looking. For now, my Jimmy Choo Shoe dream is on hold until I get a job - I think as well as putting money back into savings (sensible money task) I may treat myself to a pair of new Choo's. Once I have saved up a bit...there are other things that take priority first! (Yes, I have put my grown up hat back on now)

I'm just thinking as I look out of the window that I can't believe it's nearly June already! The sun is trying to creep out slowly and surely and it is meant to be warm today so hopefully, we are finally getting a summer! We have a really busy couple of months coming up with birthdays, weddings and gatherings so I know before we know it the summer will have come and gone and we will be thinking about Autumn again. Boo! It will also then be our first wedding anniversary so I need to start saving up my Ebay money in case I am not working by then - I want to be able to buy my hubby a lovely pressie! Hopefully I will have been back at work a couple of months by that point though and it won't be an issue. You only have a first wedding anniversary once!

Anyway, that's a little way off yet so I have time to think up present ideas and sell bits and bobs I no longer use or wear...

For now we have some sunshine to look forward to!

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