Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Ladies, a great make up investment!

Yep, here I am again talking to you about favourite make up! This time, I am going to tell you about Mac's brilliant Face and Body foundation! It is around £25 but a little goes a long way and because I tend to use it just when going out to parties or clubs it lasts a long time. Give's your body a lovely even complexion just like it does to your face! my skin has a very pinky tone to it and can get rashes particularly on my arms which lawyas annoyed me in photos of nights out because my face would look flawless, hair would be done nice and I would have a nice outfit but then my itchy red arms would look horrible!  Now, I make sure I am well exfoliated and moisturised then add this brilliant stuff to my arms, body and legs and hey presto! Instant air brushing! Worth an investment!

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