Tuesday, 22 May 2012

LADIES! A wrinkle tip I heard about, might be worth a try?

I was watching a beauty programme the other day when they started to talk about facials and how good they are; they rejuvinate the skin and make it look and feel younger and fresher, plus they feel fantastic! But we already knew that didn't we?

This therapist doing the facial on TV gave little tips on how to do home facials if you wanted to give it a try for yourself as it's expensive to keep up regular salon visits. You can use a great face moisturiser and leave it on your face to sink in (once you have massaged it around to plump up the face) and even it's better if you warm it up slightly (she didn't advise how is best to heat it up or for how long so PLEASE research this if you decide to do it, I don't know the best way).

Another great tip she gave was for those annoying frown wrinkles you get inbetween your eyebrows. The ones that show up all the times that we have ever been annoyed or disappointed, aging us without us knowing it! We all know collagen is what makes the skin youthful and one way of plumping your skin up is by getting the blood flowing or bringing it nearer to the surface.

FACIALS: Great to keep your skin looking youthful.

Apparantly, if you pinch the lines together with both index fingers (as you would if you were popping a spot) hold for about five seconds and then let go and repeat this for about ten minutes, you should see a significant reduction in their appearance. Wow! I must admit, I haven't tried this yet as I had forgotten all about it until something reminded me just now. Obviously this result is only temporary but I can imagine if you do it on a regular basis you should notice a difference. It would be great to do before getting ready for a night out for the ultimate youthful appearance!

I am definitely going to give it a try, are you?

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