Thursday, 17 May 2012

Late night thought.

I must admit, even though it is of course always better for hubby to be at work rather than at home due to injury, I have enjoyed having him here with me this week.

Because he has to rest we haven't done much apart from watch trashy TV and films, drink tea and relax. We have even had cheeky lay ins and afternoon naps; Bliss!

It seems my holiday has lasted a lot longer than I thought.

Not good for the diet I must admit but there we go, I will just have to work three times as hard when he is back in working order and back out on the road!

Meanwhile, I am going to enjoy these nice relaxing evenings, casually going to bed whenever we want after having slobbed in front of the TV. As soppy as it sounds I really do love spending time with him just doing nothing, in our little world.

I know he is getting a bit anxious and bored now though as he doesn't like missing work and I don't like to see him in pain either so I do hope he gets better very very soon.

(I can only play nurse for so long!)

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