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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Mum was always right!

With technology being what it is today, everyone can communicate their feelings 24/7 whether it be through twitter or facebook, instant messaging or email - the choices are endless.
The problem with that being, we all feel the need more and more so to share our woes and misery with anyone who will isten - we can all be guilty of it.
One thing it has made me realise (and think about) is today's youth who, through the powers of the internet offload their negativity and insecurities. It made me think back to being a teenager - were we as negative? Were we as whiney? We didn't have social networks to update and offload on but did have instant messaging and text messages. We also offloaded to our friends but still, did we find the world SUCH a miserable place?

I can remember experiencing things for the first time and not always knowing how to deal with it all or having a row with a friend and it seeming like the end of the world. I can remember that a lot of things felt like a massive drama at the time where as now, as a 27 year old it's a case of been there and dealt with it or realising when things genuinely are a problem and when they're not. I guess that is what makes being a teen such a once in a lifetime experience - all the new experiences and feelings you go through.

I really wish I could reassure some of them though. When you see people getting down over something someone has said or a rumour that has started it makes me want to tell them not to worry and that it will blow over before you know it and be forgotten. It always seemed like life was over when you fell out with a friend or found out someone you fancied liked someone else but as a teenager you are yet to know there is a big wide world out there and life is a long old road of which school is just a fraction of the journey.

NETWORKING: Everyone tends to use the net to connect in todays world

It is so much harder for teenagers today already compared to my generation just over ten years ago and it is so sad to hear about teen suicides because of bullying. There are so many ways to be tormented now not just in school - you can be reached in your own home through the internet or messaging. Sadly, in the long run most of those bullys will probably grow up to not realise what a devastating affect their actions had on their victims.

Something needs to be done to with regards to modern day bullying. Technology is moving a lot quicker than the help and support provided to deal with the downside to it.

On a positive note, I think this generation of teenagers will be more ambitious (I hope) in the sense of what they want from life. Having grown up in a recession and watching their parents struggle I can only assume it will make them want more for their future whether it be to achieive a good job or travel the world and settle somewhere exotic abroad. (The latter being more likely as uni fees increase and jobs become more sparse) I think these teens will be the generation with a bit more bite. They will have had to fight more for what they want in life and become thick skinned quicker because of the critical world we now seem to live in.

My mum was completely right when she told me those who only had nasty things to say would get bored and move on or if someone I liked didn't like me back, she was right when she said that one day I would back and wonder what I saw in them!

God bless mothers!

While I am on the subject of teens, I just want to wish all those revising for and taking exams at the moment - my little cousin is one of them and I can remember how stressful it is!! Once again though, it is a small stessful time which can set you off for the future so it is worth it!

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