Tuesday, 1 May 2012

NHS Service...(Terms and Conditions apply)

So, as you may be aware it has come to light that due to the NHS budget being severely overstretched in this day and age, there is a suggestion that certain people will no longer qualify for non emergency treatments on the NHS because of certain lifestyle choices - mainly, obesity and being a smoker.

In a way, it makes sense that money is running out - these days a lot more people are overweight than they were ten or twenty years ago and there are still a lot of smokers around despite us all knowing the health warnings. As well as that, people are a lot more active and take part in more extreme sports or hobbies. Go on more active holidays which could cause a long term health issue or injury. Also, due to the continuous obsession with 'perfect' celebrities, the need for plastic surgery has increased which can be paid for on the NHS. People who claim they feel depressed over their flat chest or wobbly tum so much so it is taking over their lives can be deemed suitable for an NHS operation. Some people do genuinely have confidence issues and I agree they should be addressed, also on the opposite scale if someone is in desperate need of a breast reduction due to back ache and feeling self conscious then they should be entitled, as well of those who do change their lifestyle and lose weight only to be left with loose skin. Unfortunately though, for all those genuine cases, there are aslo a lot of people willing to take advantage to get the op they desire at our expense, rather than pay themselves. Another factor could be the IVF treatment too, more couples are leaving it later to have children so therefore making it more difficult to conceive naturally. If you are smoker your chances of IVF being successful are halved straight away.

But is this the way to go? Most of us have paid into the National Health Service all our working lives with the belief that as and when (or if) you need it, there will not be an issue let alone a chance that you would be turned away. If for health reasons, someone is told they must stop smoking or lose weight for an operation I can understand however to be turned away?

Something needs to be done that's for sure.

I think there must be money being carelessly spent somewhere (most likely a bar bill for MP's weekly champagne nights or something) that can be ploughed back into the NHS...that and schools...but I won't start ranting on that one, for now anyway!

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