Saturday, 12 May 2012

Random Friday Night!

So, as I'd had a busy couple of days catching up with family and friends and am skint because of nice big car repair bill from earlier in the week, I didn't make any plans last night other than a yummy dinner for one and a bottle of delicious wine. As I filled up on my food and drink whilst watching Friday night soaps I got chatting with a friend over Twitter, who was also on his own because of his wife having gone away for a girly weekend. So within an hour he was round for a cup of coffee and a catch up which was really nice! Even better still was that as he was leaving, my lovely friend and neighbour was coming back from a night out so she then came in for a catch up after my other friend had left! (working in shifts, I love it!)

It ended up that I didnt get to bed until around 3am by the time we had finished having a good old catch up and I tidied up and prised myself away from the TV, however somehow I still managed to wake up at the same early hour and get up (signs of early old age me thinks?)

I had a brilliant night though! I love it when random plans suddenly take place and you end catching up with good friends!

Meanwhile, reports back from Malia are that on the first night out my hubby (who usually falls asleep on the sofa before 9pm) was the last one out until the early hours Friday morning! That meant he didn't actually surface from bed until late afternoon after which, he put his best foot forward to do it all again. My guessing is he will be getting up at the same sort of time today and coming back just as pale as when he went there!

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