Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Return to Sender!

So, Hubby arrived back from a manic four nights in Malia yesterday morning...with his arm in a sling!

No wonder his mate who dropped him off at where I was picking him up disappeared before I got there...

'Excuse me, can I return this husband please? He seems to have been damaged in transition. I ordered one with TWO working arms?!'

Turns out that he got out of the pool and slipped landing on his shoulder and resulting in a painful last couple of days, someone had made him a make shift sling to support it until he got home. So, where was our first stop when I picked him up? You guessed it....A&E! Luckily it isn't broken but he has done quite a bit of damage (can't remember the exact medical terms) and now needs physio which he is booked in for this week. Just another excuse to get out of the hoovering I think....

Anyway, aside from an injury all is back to normal. Hubby is back and football news once again graces our TV.

In other news, he didn't bring the sunshine back with him and the grey miserable skies have returned. As we left the hospital yesterday it was raining and my feet got soaked because - of course - I had flip flops on! I only thought I was nipping out to pick him up but five hours later, I was dashing out of A&E in the rain with wet and cold feet!

Think I'll put closed toe shoes on today....you never know what might happen!

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