Thursday, 24 May 2012

Secret Junkie?

Quickly flicking through my Twitter feed there is a tweet from the daytime programme 'This Morning' saying that apparently married men eat healthy at home to keep their wives happy and then secretly eat junk food when they go out.

How funny!

Now I know for a fact that at home Patrick eats a lot healthier than he chooses to because obviously I want to eat healthy and I make the meals, also I don't think he thinks about food as fuel or a substance that improves his health or how his body works, he see's it as something to fill a hole in his belly and the tastier the meal, the better!

Don't get me wrong, I love junk food too but there is only so much I can eat before I feel lathargic, bloated and in dire need of fruit and veg! I also drink lots of water each day all because I know my body works and feels a lot better - I really notice the difference in having a healthy balanced diet rather than a bad one. Yawn! Boring I know but so true!

However, as for the notion that when he is out on his own he 'secretly' eats junk food, in our case that's nonsense! I know if he is going out to football, out with mates or even to work and hasn't got any lunch that left to his own devices he will choose fast food over healthy time and time again. He will tell me what he has eaten when he gets in too in a proud way that says 'Today was a good day for food' I don't mind at all though because nine times out of ten, he eats a healthy dinner here or has a healthy lunch made for him so going out and eating fast food every now and then won't do him any harm.

The idea of men lying about eating naughty food does make me laugh though. I can imagine a group of mates at a kebab shop after a night out, one pleading with his friends not to tell his wife they went to a strip club and another begging them not to reveal he had a takeaway whilst tucking into a kebab and chips!

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