Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Shoe Saga.

So, to add to my woes of job hunting and worrying about hubby's sick pay because of his shoulder, the shoes I ordered off of Ebay for a wedding next month have not turned up after over a week. Not happy!

I have no idea what could have happened to them as they were (supposedly) sent recorded delivery however they have yet to grace my feet for the walk of fame up and down my hall and now I have a feeling I am never going to see them.

What's more annoying is having to go through the process of getting my money refunded and then going through the aggro of searching for another pair of shoes to go with my dress. Those shoes were a bargain, brand new Kurt Geigers RRP £140 for £35 plus the £5 recorded delivery.

All the way through the transaction the seller had been communicative yet I messaged yesterday morning to advise I still haven't received them and she has gone all Sooty on me (silent). Worrying? Well, she is a top rated ebayer and I have bought from her before and she was helpful and delivery was super quick so on this occassion I think somehow they have got lost in transition and she is desperately trying to solve it before replying.

Either way it doesn't help me out! It's a good job I still have a little while before the wedding and it wasn't this weekend! Part of me still hopes they will turn up but as much as my post is late, it's 12.50pm so I really don't think they are coming!

Dag nabbit.

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