Friday, 4 May 2012

To shave or not to shave?

There has been a debate in the news this week about women shaving and whether we could actually get away with stopping it altogether. How would people treat you? Would men still find us attractive?

This has all started because of an article about a woman called Emer O'Toole, 28, who decided 18 months ago to stop shaving and see how she got on.

As she said when she appeared on today's episode of 'This Morning' she suddenly realised that today's woman's grooming was never ending and she saw her friends partaking in more and more beauty treatments all to stay groomed and attractive and thought; why do we do it?

The experiment was only meant to last a year but 18 months on, Emer has grown to like her body hair. She says her boyfriend of the time was supportive and after they broke up she still dated like anybody else and all in all, the reactions have been quite positive.

I know that hyperthetically what she is doing is right; women naturally have body hair so why should we have to wax, shave, trim, pluck and laser it all away? However I just couldn't do it! I have been going to a salon for waxing now for nearly six years, and it's an important part of my beauty ritual. There isn't any harm in not shaving your legs for a little while - all women do that (especially in the winter) but to give it up for good? yikes!

This lady is brave, I really admire her in fact. I can imagine this experiment has really made her look at herself and other people in a very different way. It will have also tested just how thick her skin is when dealing with people's staring or comments at seeing her  unkempt underarms or exposed hairy legs.

What do you think?

You can watch the watch full 'This Morning' debate about the issue by clicking the link below:

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