Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Twitter rivalry continues...!

Yes, I will happily admit it; I am a complete Twitter geek and I am proud! I just love it's simpilicity and how you can follow your favourite people in the world of writing, showbusiness, football or whatever you're into! You can see what they are up to, what their thoughts are and any pictures they tweet - we have never before had such an insight into 'their' world!

PROUD: My Tweet 'favourited' by Lee Mack

As people may have seen a while back, my hubby got a tweet from West Ham player Carlton Cole who had given him his training T-shirt at a midweek game and replied when my hubby thanked him for it. That was it! The war was on! I needed to get a retweet / reply or favourite from someone well known too! As much as it's a bit of fun, I do feel quite silly tweeting people who although I know who they are in a public sense, are strangers. None the less, my husband was adamant that I wouldn't be able to get some kind of Twitter contact from a well known face. I just had to prove him wrong!

So every now and then, if I saw an opportunity to reply to a tweet or to tweet a public figure about something they may find interesting, I would...to no avail. In the meantime, hubby got yet ANOTHER reply to a tweet from yet ANOTHER footballer (I am beginning to think these footballers have a lot of time on their hands!)

Then, last night, something brilliant happened!!

Ok so it wasn't a retweet or a reply but it was indeed an acknowledgement! A tweet I sent to stand up comedian Lee Mack about being a big fan of his sitcom 'Not Going Out' was read by the man himself and favourited!! Wahooo! Needless to say I was quick to boast to hubby who didn't see it as much of a success but I informed him that because he had read it and favourited it, he had acknowledged it and therefore, it was just as good as a reply. 

I am finally on my first step of the Twitter Celebrity Retweet Ladder! Now if I can just lose all inhibitions and tweet them more, maybe I'll move it up to the next step!


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