Thursday, 17 May 2012

Ultimate Football Widow!

I think....I mean, I have a small little inkling that....perhaps...West Ham are going to Wembley this Saturday?

I use sarcasm of course because that is ALL I've heard about since tickets went on sale! My husband being an avid West Ham supporter is of course more excited than a kid at Christmas and if he isn't counting down the days, he is singing football songs. At the weekend my brother in law was the same - Facebook and Twitter are rife with updates and tweets about this upcoming game - my god, I can't wait until it's over!

Yes, as you have probably guessed I am not a football fan whatsoever! I don't know any footballers names bar a few famous ones and even then don't really have a clue who they play for or even if they are still playing the beautiful game! I don't get the offside rule and feel a sense of joy when the final whistle is blown and I know it's not long before the remote is handed over to me for my turn of the TV. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate football and I certainly don't mind that my hubby is obsessed with it. It's nice to have a hobby and something to go and watch / do or whatever with your mates. Something to feel passionate about and enjoy after working so hard in the week. I think it's sad that it costs so much money now because avid fans like my hubby and his little West Ham posse then find themselves having to fork out regularly for expensive 'must have' tickets and then expensive rail tickets, drinks and food on top once there.

For me, football is the time that my hubby disappears for the day for some 'man time' over a pitcher of beer and I get to do as I please whether it is catch up with friends, slob out all day, have a home pamper session or go for a walk or shop. Sometimes it's nice when I know Nicola is in for me wander upstairs as when I please (and vice versa) Lovely! My housework, washing, writing and blogging is complete for the week and the day is mine!

I am a typical girly girl and know it! I won't try and be any different. I once asked Patrick once if he would ever do as his other friends have done and take me to a West Ham game the answer to which was a very stern and quick NO! Not because he doesn't want to, he just know's I would hate it, therefore making his visit miserable too. We quite like that we are quite different and have conflicting interests, it makes our relationship continually interesting. I'm a history geek who likes reading about random facts or enjoys reading books. I love music of all genres and how they make you feel yet Patrick doesn't understand how music can spark nostalgia (To which my answer is: 'Are you not human?')

So, after Saturday it will all be quiet again on the West Ham front (for now) and the excitement will have died back down. I am just hoping that they win otherwise I may have to set up camp in my shoe collection for a few days until the dust settles.

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