Friday, 18 May 2012

Wardrobe Recycle

A lot of our friends find it hard to believe that my husband actually has a lot more clothes than me. When the wash bin is empty and the clothes I've washed are dry, I then have the annoying task of trying to find where I can fit all of his clean washing. We both have a big chest of drawers each and half a large wardrobe to fill up with out clothes and yet while my items hang up with plenty if room to spare and fold neatly into their drawers leaving room for it to close with little effort, his drawers do not close and the wardrobe looks like a bust sales rack in a department store.

The reason for this is not because my husband is a shopaholic or hoarder, he likes to dress nice and has nice clothing but while he will buy and buy and not clear out, I am constantly recycling my garments ready for any new clothes I want and any new season trends.

OVERFLOW: My Clothes collection leaves room for the spare
 hangers, unlike hubby's!

I love fashion and clothing so therefore like to keep my wardrobe fresh and new (to some extent) so have found that the best way for me to do this (especially whilst I am not working) is to keep wardrobe recycling. Sell any unused items on Ebay and buy new bits with the money (on Ebay again or in the shop, your choice) that way unused or unwanted items are used again by someone else and you keep getting that nice feeling of wearing a new item of clothing and keep up to date with the trends.

We are all guilty of buying clothes we never wear or wear once only to be then cast to the back of the wardrobe never again to see the light of day. What if someone else would want it and wear it?

I bought a pair of Topshop jeans for £38 a couple of months ago in store, I wore them once for about 2 hours and then decided they didn't suit me. I put them on Ebay last night with a starting bid of £10 or a 'buy it now' price of £22 and they sold this morning at the 'buy it now' price! They are in immaculate condition due to the minimal time of wear so the buyer gets a bargain and I make back some of the money I spent on them.

It's win win!

I am not working currently (although now looking) but love a good shopping spree whether it's shoes, make up or bags. I like to look nice and don't see why I can't be thrifty about how I do it! Saves me bugging my hubby for money if I want a new top or want to go out for a drink with friends.

Once I am working again I will keep up this way of buying and selling as it is such a great way to save and make extra money! We are in a recession after all, we have to be clever with our money and make it go that little bit further.

You will also find yourself being able to nab designer labels every now and then for bargain prices, the kind of prices you would pay for high street - you have to look hard and it doesn't happen all of the time but it does happen!

I tend to look in shops and online at what the latest buys are and then have a search on ebay to see if any are being sold that are new and never worn or are seconds from a warehouse. You can also of course just buy them in store as I do sometimes, but I always like to look on Ebay first in case I can save money.

So all in all, you can look good on a budget or buy clothes and shoes you have your eye on but for a knock down price - you just have to hunt!

Just think of it as scouring the sales rack in the virtual world!

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