Monday, 21 May 2012

The Weight War of the Sexes

One thing I have learnt recently when it comes to trying to either lose weight or maintain a healthy weight is it easier if you're a man, a hell of a lot easier...and that is just not fair! The reason it is not fair is while for me losing weight has been because of healthy eating, exercise, smaller portions and not snacking (or eating fruit if needing to snack) my husbands weight loss is simply down  to stopping eating pies while on the road at work. Not only that, my healthy regime means I lost half a stone and his little change means a loss of about two and a half stone! Can someone please explain to me what is fair about those statistics?

Ok so it wasn't just pies he stopped eating, he was treating himself to the odd packet of crisps and chocolate bar as well which he has cut down on however my point is that he isn't on a diet and isn't exercising but is easily shedding the pounds. As much as I am happy to work a bit harder than I had to a few years ago to keep extra weight off and enjoy eating healthy meals, I hate the enormous wave of guilt that hits me should a treat pass my lips. I hate thinking that if I eat something naughty I can automatically feel the pounds piling back on with each mouthful.

People who haven't seen us for a little while have all commented on hubby's dramatic weight loss. His friend who arranged the stag do he has recently got back from had only been able to order a T-Shirt in a medium for him rather than a large and was worried that it may not fit yet it fitted him with room to spare. Even his mum who comes back to England every few weeks, has commented between visits on more weight he has lost.

Am I jealous? No not at all, he feels better for it and is happy with the results so I am proud of him.

Am I envious? You mean would I love to be able to cut one or two things out of my diet that I shouldn't eat a lot of anyway and be able to drop a couple of dress sizes?

Hell yeah.

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