Wednesday, 9 May 2012

What to do when half is missing?

Here we are, Wednesday already! The morning started so well with the sun shining through the window coaxing me to get up and face the day. However, that sunshine was very short lived and right now the sky looks as though it is very angry indeed!

Lucky for my husband he is jetting out of the country early in the morning for four nights of debauchery in Malia for a close friend's stag do. I was very jealous indeed last night as I watched him pack T-shirts and swim shorts to get ready for the sun! (He has told me he will send me pictures of himself by the pool daily, relaxing with a beer in hand - thanks for that!)

I was told by a friend this morning though that it is meant to be nice weather Friday and Saturday here in Blighty so here's hoping! (and if it isn't Vicky I'm holding you responsible!!!) I hope it is sunny, especially on Saturday as I have plans from the afternoon onwards that would benefit from a nice dose on sunshine!

So, what to do with four whole days to myself? No one to cook for...or welcome home at the end of their long working day or chat to. I will of course miss having him around however thanks to the fact he is going away, my diary is full up! The fullest it has been in a long time in fact! Catching up with friends, family, having a little pamper and seeing my mum after her trip to New York for her 50th birthday (Can't wait to hear all about it!)

Before I know it, he will be back with four days worth of washing, a hangover and in desperate need of sleep!

I should probably prepare a weeks worth of plans really rather than four days....I reckon he will take a couple of days to get over it!

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