Tuesday, 22 May 2012

You smell that?

I have to admit that I have a slight obsession with always wanting our home to smell nice, fresh and anything but what it actually smells like.

Not that smells bad of course I'll have you know! It's just that I love it when you walk into someone's home and are immediately greeted by the scent of fragrance whether it be scented candles, diffusers, plug ins or simply just their latest wash load drying.

I stayed out the other week overnight and when I came home was greeted by the smell of the flat, how the building actually smells; bricks and morter, again not a bad smell but a boring one to say the least! The problem with trying to keep an air freshener type smelling home is the fact it is an expensive task! I've bought plug ins, diffusers, motion sensor sprays and candles. The plug ins sit in the plug sockets empty and switched off. The diffusers have long over diffused and the motion sensor spray has spritzed it's last drop.

Due to the fact none of the refills were on offer when I last went shopping (I just can't bring myself to buy them at full price either, they're so expensive!) I opted for some candles that were on offer. I bought two with the same scent as I didn't like the other one on offer! The one I chose was a zesty orange.

I have to admit, while it is sitting on the coffee table dorment you can really smell it and it smells delicious! However it is only if you are sitting in the sofa area that you get a whiff. Not only that, when it is lit all you can smell is the flame and not the zest! I think for now, I will stick to having it sit there unlit and smelling fresh and summery!

Because of the disappointment in it's smell when lit, I had to swallow my pride and purchase a refill for my motion sensor spray freshener at full price as I can't not have air freshners in the living room. My theory is that when guests come over, they spend most of the time in there and so it should smell nice! If you are cooking a nice dinner then the scent of that will first greet them and once it's eaten and they are relaxing on the sofa they will be torn between the nice scent of the candle and the intermediate scent of the freshmatic.

That's the theory I'm going with for now. Until they all run out again and I have to decide what ones to top up this time...

And yes, before you ask...this IS a serious matter....! ;)

ZESTY: My latest air freshener purchase in the form
of a scented candle.

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