Monday, 18 June 2012

Constant Reminder.

Walking into town recently I noticed something quite worrying, something shows you you how businesses are trying to cash in on peoples bad luck during this tough recession because on pretty much every corner there was either a payday loan shop, pawn shop, money for gold shop or cash converter shop. How depressing.

I am sure a lot of people have found them to be handy when times have got tough and suddenly their pay won't stretch as far as it is needed to but sadly, all too often you hear of those who have taken out a short term, quick fix loan and that has been where their money troubles have began.

Walking through the streets, we were also greeted by people who had obviously been out of work for quite a while and had resorted to spending their days drinking, starting at breakfast with a can of strong lager that they consume whilst walking down the street.

I was speaking to a business man last week who runs his family owned car dealership which he inherited off of his Dad and he said that sadly, all too often he speaks to people who he says can't get work and just from their appearance and conversation he can see why. They don't seem to want to work or make the effort to appear as though they do so of course, if employers are bombarded with lots of CV's they are always going to employ someone who is keen to work hard as well as someone who is smart and polite.

For those who have genuinely fallen on hard times, a quick pay day loan may seem a good idea when a month is particularly tough but if it can't be paid off in time, the consequences are even more costly.

I also think it such a sad image to see someone having to part with much loved items in pawn shops or other such shops to make ends meet.

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