Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Epic FALL!

As I mentioned in a post a little while ago, whilst out on the tiles in a new pair of heels I managed to tople over on the cobbles leaving my knee and ego bruised but luckily my new shoes unscathed (phew!).

Despite the fact I am a size 6 in shoes, it would seem I would actually have been better off in a 5 in this particular pair - especially as the ankle strap only has a 'one size fits all' hole and I have stupidly skinny ankles.

I was contemplating taking them to a cobbler for the strap to be adjusted when hubby suggested I look at buying heel grips instead. Heel grips? I'd not heard of these.... Why did my husband know more about these things than I did!! I had a search on ebay and low and behold, there were plenty of heel grips to choose from. I selected a pack of three pairs in suede as the shoes are suede too. My pack cost me around £3 including postage which suited me fine (In case they didn't work!).

On arrival I tried them out straight away and they did work well indeed which was pleasing as I couldn't see how the strap could be altered because of where the original button hole sits (the hole only needs to be moved along slightly to fit which would result in one big button hole if adjusted) I did end up using all three pairs in each shoe! Which is why I think I would have been better off with a size 5 however that's the chance you take buying off of ebay (I have also never been a 5 before).

The great thing is, the shoes now fit! And fit comfortably too! Why have I not seen these things before? I actually bought another pack of 3 in case I need them ever again or if I decide that the shoes need yet another heel grip added to support my spindly bambi ankles.

Now I can wear them out with pride and not worry about the fact they might take me down at any point!

HEAVEN AND HELL: My gorgeous shoes from which I lost my dignity.


  1. Nic, it's obvious why Patrick knows about such things - he is my son! You know me n shoes lol xx

  2. Of course! How silly of me not to put the two together ;) So glad you have brought him up well educated on the subject as Patrick totally understands the relationship between a woman and her shoes!! xx


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