Thursday, 28 June 2012

Got to love a cheeky freebeeee!

My mum took me to a gorgeous spa for the day last summer as our own little 'hen do' before I went on my proper do that following weekend.

We had a lovely time (well who wouldn't at a spa day?) it was fantastic to spend the whole day with Mum and have nothing distracting us. No phones or housework, we just relaxed, chatted, enjoyed the pool or the sauna and had a lovely lunch. Unfortunately though, due to a family emergency, one of the beauticians had to go home so that meant one of us had to cancel the full manicure appointment we were booked in for. Mum let me carry on with mine so that my nails were painted for my hen do and we were given complementary vouchers as an apology so that we could return on another date and have full use of the wet facilities again, a yummy lunch and a full manicure.

That was last July....nearly a year on and we have still not got around to settling on a date to go back there. Then, the other day my Mum kindly gave me the vouchers and suggested me and the hubby go instead as it would be nice for us to have a relaxing day together with no worries after a few weeks of money stresses.

I have the best Mum ever!!

So, this Friday me and the hub are going to be spending the day in white dressing gowns!! Going for a swim or relaxing in the sauna.... Lazing around and enjoying a cup of coffee on the terrace after a lovely lunch.


Plus I get another lovely manicure at the end of it all. Bliss!

What makes it even better is that it is all courtesy of our gift vouchers (unless of course we wanted extra treatments) so we can live in the lap of luxury for a day and enjoy the knowledge it's not costing a penny!!

Lovely Jubbly.

RELAXATION: I can't wait for a lovely day or chilling out.

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