Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Life Laundry

I am so happy with my productive day!

Because of the lovely sunshine we have had today (well, earlier...now it looks as though the heavens are going to open) I have managed to make a huge dent in the mountain of washing that was taking over our bedroom and get it dried in good time. I also managed to find some great jobs to apply for which I am very happy about, I just need to keep positive because something will come up eventually. There are just too many people applying for a limited amount of jobs, it can get quite disheartening when you don't even manage to get an interview. I did hold my hopes on a job recently that I chased up a couple of times to show my interest but when I called them yesterday, I  found out the position had been taken. I was quite disappointed but once again, you have to just dust yourself off and keep looking. Which is what I have done yesterday and today. I have other friends in similar positions which as much as I feel for them because I know it is frustrating, it does make me feel better as I know it is just not me it is happening to! I really am lucky to have such a great husband too, when I felt down yesterday about it he was there to give me a hubby hug and tell me to keep positive. I really needed that!

I have also got some notes on my book up to date with reference to what I want to achieve by certain points in the week and after dinner I am going to knuckle down and carry on. After a couple of weeks being occupied with stressful matters close to home, I am back in the world of creativity and have lots of ideas and scenarios going through my head that I need to get written down. My friend who lives upstairs has said she will read over what I have done so far at the end of the week and give me her opinion which will be great because I need to know whether or not what I am writing is actually good or if it is just drivel!

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