Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Mega Bank Holiday!

Well, today is the last day of the mega four day bank holiday weekend in honour of the Queen's diamond Jubilee. The weather has (in typical British fashion) been quite a let down! Shame really when you consider how nice it has been recently...let's hope the weather doesn't let us down come the Olypmics eh? Yeah right...

For those who made their way into London for either the concert yesterday or the pageant on Sunday, I hope you had a lovely time and didn't get too wet when it DID rain. My mum went to watch the pageant and said she had a good day and had a good view and left London in time before the rush.

We spent the day at friends yesterday drinking (I was driving) and eating to celebrate the extra days off. In the evening we ended up slowly and surely, one by one, sitting down watching the concert which to me was best at the end. The firework display was epic! Although so were the effects that were blasted onto Buckingham palace during certain sets (Especially Madness's set which was brilliant!)

It looks as though it could be a dry day today (hopefully) although it doesn't look warm.. I am venturing out into the world in a little while so will no doubt find out just how warm it is. Think layers are key today. Today is just a service in honour of the Queen though so she won't need to wrap up warm like the last few days.

My friend made me smile on Saturday night when we were at a party, he told me he had been at a parade in his local town that day wearing his special bank holiday TShirt that read: 'Thanks for the day off.'

Quite surprised I haven't seen more novelty Tee's around actually.

I hope everyone enjoys there last day of freedom whatever it is you are doing!

I will be back to my usual blogging self tomorrow.

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