Friday, 8 June 2012

Our New Housemate!

OUR NEW BUDDY: Bentley Rabbit.
We have a new little friend! A house bunny called Bentley who is 15 weeks old. He was quite a random and last minute arrival in some ways. I have never had a pet before and have always wanted a rabbit - especially a house rabbit so while we were out the other day we thought we would enquire into it. We asked all the questions and met this little guy who was apparantly unwanted according to the pet shop owner  because he is a cross breed. It made us warm to him even more knowing that other people had overlooked him just because of this. He was litter trained and friendly yet no-one was interested. We drove off to have a think about it and look into how much it costs to keep a rabbit and realised it isn't that expensive. As we were driving we realised we didn't like the idea of him sitting unwanted in the pet shop (and had already decided his name!) so we turned around to go back for him and that was that! 
SETTLING IN: One of his favourite spots.
He was obviously quite nervous on the first night due to not knowing where he was or who we were but by last night, he was much more relaxed, jumping up onto the sofa for a cuddle. I have spent the last 48 hours reading up EVERYTHING on rabbits to ensure he is well looked after: how to know if they are happy, how to make them happy, how to make sure they won't get ill, how to stop them being naughty etc. etc. Think my hubby is getting quite bored of hearing about it! (haha). He had his injection this morning which is something he has to have annually and he actually took it very well - he was more scared at being put back in his box! Think he thought he was going back to the pet shop! He sulked for a little bit when we got home but is now back to his cute and happy self.
One of my favourite things about rabbits is when they're happy they can jump and spin in the air which makes them look crazy! it is so funny. It's called a binky which makes it even funnier and cuter.
I will of course try not to go on about our new little chum too much on this blog!

He is a little cutie though...

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