Monday, 18 June 2012

Pamper Day and Detox Week!

This morning I am very pleased with myself as I have already completed the housework that needed doing (granted it wasn't much) and am planning on embarking on a nice big job search once the kettle has bolied and I have finished waffling on to you guys who read me! Once my hard work is done I am planning on a little pamper afternoon starting with a face exfoliation and deep moisturise and then a nice long hot bath and body scrub.
As we have a wedding this week and I have neglected my normally dry skin of late, I felt it was overdue a bit of TLC. The great thing about exfoliating at home is it is so easy, you can buy the gloves pretty much anywhere for around a pound and they are great at giving your skin a good scrub, if you haven't got any then a bit of olive oil and sea salt is a great natural body scrub especially as the olive oil acts as an intense moisturiser.

Because of the Euro's my hubby and I have been drinking a lot more beer than we ever do - especially as we hardly ever drink at home so this week means a major detox is needed in order to fit comfortably into the dress I am wearing on Thursday and so I don't feel like a beached whale. Luckily because I have been doing so much walking as well as power walking I think I have done myself a massive favour so hopefully if I get a chance to weigh myself the scales will be kind!!

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