Sunday, 10 June 2012

Positive thinking at a bargain price.

So, I am THAT positive that I am going to get a job interview soon that I have invested in an 'interview dress' Which is smart and sophisticated as well as was also of course another bargain!

I realised that I didn't actually have any office suitable clothes anymore as in my previous job I could wear what I wanted so therefore slowly and surely got rid of any 'work appropriate' items.

This dress is navy blue with puffball type sleeves and a waist belt. The skirt length is mid thigh which my husband thinks is a little short for work (I must admit I did think it was knee length however I think with tights it would be fine) and it goes with practically any type of shoe. It is also a dress I would wear out to a formal dinner so it will definately get worn. I have a grey blazer which would go nicely...

As I also mentioned, it was a bargain. I bought it off of a buyer on ebay who it would seem gets factory seconds. The dress would have been £39 from Topshop but I bought it for £14.99. I have saved this particular seller in my 'favourites' list on Ebay so I know when new items of theirs are listed. I would always recommend doing this if you come across a seller who is top rated and from whom you recieve good service - especially if they are an ebay shop or appear to sell factory seconds. You can get such good bargains most of which are brand new!!

I have saved sellers who sell clothes, hair products, make up and moisturisers, shoes, furniture, wall art and decorations. The list is endless! If you know they stock a variety of items and that you will no doubt use them again then it is worth saving them.

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