Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Powering Through.

Because lately I have consumed food like these past couple of weeks are my last on earth, I felt I needed to take back a bit of control and start really working off those extra pounds, as well as try and cancel out some of the extra naughtiness.

Because I have never really got on with running in the past (it tends to hurts my knees) I decided to up my pace from walking to power walking, in the hope that it eventually becomes a jog then maybe a run. I have started off with a quick paced, non stop half hour power walk which as much as it tired me out, made me feel amazing and full of energy. I also surprised myself because it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be (although I was still a sweaty pink mess dying for a pint of water when I got back in) I was pleasantly surprised by my stamina. I really enjoyed it too. Also, half an hour doesnt take much out of your day does it? If you do it in the morning then you have got it out of the way and you are energised for the day ahead!

I have a dress I need to fit in in two weeks for a wedding. It does fit and do up but it is slightly on the snug side so I need to work off at least a couple of pounds for that to feel comfy.

I think it helps to have targets to aim for when you want to lose weight.

I have enjoyed all the eating and drinking but must admit I am ready to stop now! I really notice the difference in how my body functions when I go from eating well to eating bad.

Back to the salads it is then...

Now! Where are my trainers?

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