Sunday, 10 June 2012

Settling In..

Bentley the bunny is settling into his new home very nicely now I am happy to say. He very quickly adapted to where his litter tray is and where he eats his food. One annoying thing he started doing after a couple of days and hasn't yet stopped is chewing the bloody carpet! Sometimes he has only been out five minutes and he ends up already back in his cage for being naughty! We don't even need to pick him up to put him back now, he automatically scoots off back into his cage when he hears the tone of voice! Luckily though he is slowly learning and so long as I give him his favourite toy (made of hay so he can eat it!) whenever he tries to make a meal of the carpet, he seems to be ok! Won't be too long now and he won't be needing to sleep in a cage in the kitchen...he will have the whole kitchen to himself. Love our new addition!

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