Monday, 18 June 2012

Unhappy Bunny!

I'm quite pleased that today I have a happy bouncy bunny keeping me company as yesterday he was a grumpy bugger ALL DAY!

The reason being was that we had bought some spray you need to apply once a week to protect him from an awful disease they can get called Flystrike. He almost seemed to know straight away as soon as he saw me holding the spray that it was intended for him! It took a while to get him but we did in the end and while the spray was actually being applied he didn't even flinch, it was obviously fear of the unknown! Despite it being pain free he didn't mingle much with us for the rest of the day. That's gonna be great fun once a week, a grumpy bunny!

Would rather that though than have him get ill...

Funniest thing I found this morning though was that while I was 'Febreezing' the flat after cleaning, he couldn't get enough of THAT spray and was following me around standing underneath it...

Strange Wabbit!!!

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