Wednesday, 20 June 2012

You little bargain extraordinaires!

I do love hearing about your little bargain finds or deals so please keep letting me know! I love it when friends tell me about all the bits and bobs they get at knock down prices whether its a voucher deal or bargain find on the sales rack.

My friend popped down from upstairs to see me this week in a pair of gorgeous bright red jeans which she said she had bought at Northweald Market. She had also bought them in green and got them both for less than one pair would normally cost.

Also, I had been more than pleased with my bargain buy fascinator however as it didn't turn up AGAIN today and the wedding I want it for is tomorrow, my bargain has let me down.

The best deal I have heard of this week though was nabbed by my mum who text me telling me (well bragging in my eyes! :P) about a deal she had bought on Groupon:

Two days at a Bed and Breakfast in Somerset with afternoon tea one day and a free bottle of wine with a meal. As well as 20 per cent off spa treatments for £159, she is also planning on stopping at the Mulberry factory en route (where the trip will no doubt become a bit more expensive!).

What a great deal! Always makes you enjoy it a bit more when you know you have paid a lot less......

Just goes to show there are some little gems out there to be found if you look hard enough!

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