Thursday, 26 July 2012

Always worth an ask.

Yesterday I bought a gorgeous tea dress from Topshop - one I had been eying up on their website for a couple of weeks. As I sold my old Iphone to Mazuma Mobile for recycling and got £200, I thought I would treat myself! Especially as I have sold a lot of my dresses on ebay over the last few months (any excuse eh?) Anyone who knows me will know that the tea dress is my wardrobe staple. I love them! Classic yet cute, funky and feminine.

What was even better was as I rushed into Topshop before it started getting ready to close (last minute trip out last night which will be explained in next post!) I found that they had just one left on the rail in a 12 (Yay! the Topshop in Southend had sold out) however, the hem around the waist was coming away slightly. Time was running out because Patrick was urgently waiting for me but I quickly asked if there was another out the back but sadly there wasn't. So, I asked if I could have a discount because of the unstitching and low and behold, I got it! 10% off!! Ok, so it isn't a life changing amount but it's cheaper than the retail price! Especially because I know it'll only take my faithful 'upstairs wife' Nicola all of two minutes to work her magic needle and make it as good as new again!

I always check garments I am purchasing every time before buying, people can try clothes on while wearing lipstick and mark the clothes or they can try and pull on clothes that are too small for them causing damage. So it is worth your while to check them over and make sure they are perfect to save you having to come back and return or exchange it.

I can't return this dress due to getting the discount but I had tried it on previously so know it fits and the hem damage is very minimal so will be fine once repaired. It is always worth asking for a little money off if something is damaged but you feel you could repair it or if it damaged but you know you may be able to hide it. We are in a recession after all....

Try it!

MY DISCOUNT DRESS: Topshop. Usual RRP £38

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