Thursday, 5 July 2012

Calorie Burner.

I have been recommended this drink called 'Aspire' from Holland and Barrett as it is a calorie burning drink and of course more natural than a lot of other carbonated drinks you can buy. A friend told me that she drank this drink and ate healthy for a couple of weeks before she went on  holiday last year and lost weight,. Of course eating healthy will be the main reason for the weight loss however this friend eats very healthily in general so felt it helped a couple more pounds come off than she would have usually lost. Whether or not it works I am going to try find out. I have only bought a couple to trial for now this week as they are expensive at £1.75 however Holland and Barrett are doing 'Buy one get one half price' at the moment so if you do fancy trying it too, now is the time!

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