Thursday, 26 July 2012

Going for Gold!

Last night, Patrick and I were sitting watching TV, slobbing out as we usually do when we have no plans. There wasn't much on TV and as I flicked through I saw the channel 4 programme 'Superscrimpers' was coming up next so stuck it on. For anyone who hasn't seen it, it is brilliant! It gives you so many money saving tips whether it is about your general spending and saving money on bills or making cleaning products out of home condiments (pouring coke down the loo and leaving it over night and then flushing in the morning helps discale!) Last night's episode showed you how to repair a car battery for free using a penny and water! saving you lots of money by avoiding a new one. It showed ladies how to save buying expensive accessories in shops and make them at home. It also showed a family who overspoilt their children and spent over £7k a year just on toys, how to treat them and  take them out for a lot less. Really worth a watch!!

Anyway I digress! Part of the show talked about cashing in your gold if you have it lying around unused and don't want it anymore. You can find out how much gold is worth online but just for an example 9ct gold per gram is worth roughly £11. That was it! Patrick was on the hunt for gold that was no longer worn in order to make some quick money! This resulted in a last minute trip to Lakeside as I have gold jewellery from when I was younger that I know I'll never wear again.

A necklace and bracelet was sold to a jeweller at scrap value and we got £285! Result! You need to make sure you have I.D. on you which Patrick didn't so I used mine as you need to fill out a form and sign. I had rushed off to Topshop to buy a dress I wanted while the purchase went through and the form was filled out which resulted in a mad dash back in time before the shop closed in order for me to sign.

That money is very handy indeed seeing as we have just been through a rough financial time.

If you have gold lying around that you will never wear again - damaged or not - sell it! Especially if you have kids as it is now the summer holidays, it might pay for a few days out to keep them entertained!

QUICK MONEY: Gold is very valuable at the moment.

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