Monday, 23 July 2012

Gorgeous Weekend!

Wow! Is it true? Is the sun REALLY shining? It would appear so...

We went from crappy horrible downpours on Friday which saw Patrick and me get drenched about three times while out in town, to glorious hot sunshine just in time to go to a friends family BBQ on Sunday.

On Friday us little phone geeks got all excited about going into town and getting our upgrades, we then had a mooch around before having a delicious tapas dinner at a family run restaurant in Southend. It was amazing! I can't believe we haven't been in there until now. Then we braved the rain to go and see the eagerly awaited 'The Dark Knight Rises' which was a fantastic film! I cannot recommend it enough. I didn't think it would top 'The Dark Knight' but it was brilliant. Dark Knight is still my favourite (just) mainly because the Joker is my favourite character and Heath Ledger played the role superbly. Other than that 'The Dark Knight Rises' is on the same scale and is the best ending to a brilliant trilogy.

Saturday we had Patrick's aunt and her husband over for dinner. Patrick made his slow cooked beef ribs which went down well, especially washed down with the bottle of Moet that they kindly brought over for us to all drink.

Finally on Sunday we went to family BBQ of our upstairs neighbour Nicola and had a lovely time in the sun. Playing games and eating lots of yummy BBQ food, they were so lucky that the weather had changed and become really warm - I hope it lasts now! We have had MORE than enough rain. Someone upstairs is having a good old giggle at the fact we had a hosepipe ban at the beginning of the year.

It's another sunny day today which makes Monday a little more bearable.

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