Tuesday, 3 July 2012


When we went to that family wedding a couple of weeks ago, I was amazed to see a lot less of my sister in law all of a sudden. She has lost lots of weight and dropped three dress sizes and seems to have done it really quickly. I couldn't believe how slinky she looked. She told me she had just stopped binging on crappy food and the weight had dropped off.

Then, last night my other sister in law put on Facebook that she had lost 7lbs in a week in a similar way - not eating crap and also by eating little and often to keep your metabolism up and running.

These two lovely ladies have inspired me! I - like them - am fed up with what I see in the mirror so have decided I have had enough of the junk food and big portions and am going back to my healthy ways.

I was inspired so much so by my brothers partners status last night that I went out for a power walk at 9pm for an hour!

This morning my plan is the 'little and often' approach. I normally only eat three meals a day when being good but maybe that's why even when I am being good and trying to lose weight, I don't. I had scrambled egg and grilled tomato for breakfast and for elevenses I'll have some fruit. Lunch will be a small salad and my afternoon snack will be celery, I'll then have a small dinner of meat (need to see what's in the freezer) and lots of veg!

I have enjoyed the binge eating don't get me wrong, I have also enjoyed drinking in the sun but I am done now. Before all this naughtiness I'd lost half a stone and I could have lost more by now!

Here we go again....!!

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