Friday, 13 July 2012

July! ....I ask you!

When is this rainy miserable weather going to end?! Apparantly the Olympics are going to be a washout so I hope all of those visitors flying in are planning on bringing a rain mac! I might customise some brollies with the olympic logo or a union jack to sell and make a small fortune with the tourists! A lot of them probably don't even need to own a brolly...

We are already half way through July, the month after that is August and then we start getting to the time of year when we know if the sun hasn't had a good outing by now, we won't be seeing it! I must admit, I love autumn, it is my favourite season but this year seems to have sped by even quicker than all the others, it feels as though we should be still buying shorts and strappy tops not going into shops and seeing boots and coats. Boooo!!!

Time goes very fast...

Anyway, I do hope we have some sunshine soon! and not the misleading kind we have been experiencing which makes you think it is going to be a nice day and then an hour later there's a thunder storm.....

I think we have all had enough of that!!

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