Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Ladies!! A cellulite busting do-at-home treatment.

If like me and most other women you suffer with the dreaded cellulite and want rid, there is a clever little do-it-at-home routine you can do to apparantly reduce the appearance.

I saw this on TV this morning so I haven't tried and tested it yet, I wanted to pass it on right away though! The lady who was explaining the process is an american beautician to the stars. She also created the technique 'facercise' which gives you lots of different ways to tone your facial muscles keeping you looking younger and wrinkle free for longer. It keeps your skin looking plump and youthful.

I tried out some of her exercises as I feel I have a slight 'jowl' around my mouth, waiting in the wings to eventually show itself when gravity catches up with me and everything starts going south. I don't fancy looking like Droopy so I gave it a go. I must say I really did notice a difference.

That's why I thought it was worth mentioning this cellulite technique, she is a trusted beautician amongst Hollywood stars and is known for her non surgical techniques.

So, all you have to do is interlock your thumbs and put your hands into a fist, keeping your fingers flat underneath rather than a tight fist. Put one leg up on a chair, at a 90 degree angle as though you were going to do a lunge, place your knuckles underneath your leg, starting at the knee and do 60 very quick, firm strokes right up and down your leg. Repeat on your other leg.

You can do this technique on any other parts of your body that you feel you suffer cellulite.

She advises that you will start to see results in 7 days if you do it every day and after a couple of weeks, really notice a difference. Worth a go I guess! Especially as the sun is now shining and we are baring our legs once again.

Of course, there are also other ways to help assist with beating the dreaded orange peel skin such as drinking lots of water, avoiding caffeine and alcohol and dry brushing your skin a couple of times a week before showering. Exfoliating a couple of times a week helps too.

Unfortunately cellulite is one of the annoying things us women have to put up with and it can't really be banished forever but you can certainly reduce it and improve the overall look if you do the right things.

This technique could be one of the right things to do too!

POSITIONING: How to have your hands in the process.

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