Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Me and my shadow

So, it seems nowadays indoors I can't go anywhere without a little furry sidekick following me. I'm not complaining though of course, it's nice to know he feels at home now and enjoys spending time with me! He is also helping me with my weight loss as he loves playing chase so has me running around the flat with him following only for him to run after me when I've got him. Shattering!

I swear he was a dog in his former life too as everytime I'm making food or even just in the kitchen, he is there begging. His favourite treat seems to be banana at the moment.

Today, I have the gruelling task of taking him to the pet parlour down the road to get his claws clipped. It's not expensive there and I'd much rather someone professional do it as I know how nervous he get's being held. I would be rubbish! The only problem I have to deal with is getting him in his carry home as every time he see's it he hides! He knows he is going somewhere he doesn't want to when that thing comes out! Eeek!

ME AND MY CHUM: Bentley sniffing for food

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