Thursday, 26 July 2012

Mobile Money.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I sold my Iphone to Mazuma mobile and made £200 which will come in very handy to keep me ticking over until my first payday. Patrick sold his to a friend who wanted one for £100 as his screen  is damaged - all worth while sales!

It is worth recycling your old phones not just because it is better for the environment or better than having it taking up room in a drawer but also because obviously you can make money!

The best way to sell it on is to use a phone recycling website, I chose Mazuma as it offered me the highest amount and a same day bank transfer option. If you do wish to sell it another way such as through Ebay, please be very aware that it is mainly electronic sales that attract fraudsters (usually from abroad) trying to trick you out of sending you the phone (or whatever else you are selling) without them paying for it.

They usually private message you, offering you a much higher amount of money than you are trying to sell it for and then tell you it is to be sent abroad (somewhere familiar like Australia) they then say they will pay the extra postage.

They usually send mocked up emails to look like they are from Paypal and Ebay saying they have paid but the money will not be showing in your account. This is where they try and trick you! They will kick up a fuss saying it has been paid in the hope you will believe them and send the item. Usually, despite them telling you the phone is going to one place, the address they give you will usually be in Nigeria.

Please follow these tips in order to be aware of fraudsters when selling online:

  • Please be careful and always go through the websites proceedure to safely sell your item.
  • Normally someone who wants to contact you regarding a 'buy it now' price ask you to tell them how much you were looking to make so be aware of any messages that do otherwise.
  • Be very wary of any messages you receive offering a higher price than you expected or know your item is currently selling for or messages that give you an offer and then instructions on what to do next.
  • Ebay NEVER send an email advising you how to post your items or that you need to pay for postage and then will be reimbursed. (Postage must ALWAYS be paid up front first by the buyer)
  • Never give your bank dtails out to anyone.
  • Most importantly, use your common sense. If it seems too good to be true it usually is.

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