Monday, 23 July 2012

Slinky Malinky

For me, yesterday started off very nice indeedy with my hubby telling me he is really starting to notice my weightloss now. Later in the day, when Nicola came downstairs for us to go to her family BBQ she too said she could really see my weight loss and praised me for doing so well. It made me feel amazing! I had forgotten how good it feels to be complimented on losing weight. My third feel good moment came when I tried on a pair of cropped jeans that didn't fit me a month or so ago and they went on easily and fitted comfortably (room to move and everything!). It defo spurs you on to keep it up.

What makes it even better is it has been noticed by two people who see me all the time, two people who would take longer than others to notice.

I haven't weighed myself yet but I will do at some point, we don't have scales at home because I know it willl become a mini obsession if we do so I just weigh myself when I go to mums.

I still feel a bit hippy though so know I have a little way to go yet, as years have gone on I have found my weight gain doesn't just stop at my stomach, it now spreads to my hips too making me look as though I've had those dodgy, back street implants in order to get a big cartoon looking booty. NOT A GOOD LOOK.

It all takes time though. I haven't walked much lately which I am making up for this week by walking about four miles each day, every day. And because I have been a bit naughty this weekend with eating out on Friday and eating at a BBQ yesterday, I will have to be strictly back to eating fresh, healthy food.

Little and Often....Little and Often....

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