Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Week two!

My healthy eating has continued into week two and I must say I feel really good - especially as it is so easy! This morning I had scrambled egg and spinach with grilled tomatoes and my mid morning snack has been a banana.

For lunch I'll just have a small salad and then for dinner I'm going to make some grilled fish and green veg. It is strange eating little and often as it makes you hungrier so you actually feel more greedy but it is only because you're metabolism is working quicker. I have also swapped my morning cup of tea with sugar for a black coffee no sugar which helps speed up metabolism (and means I'm not having sugar!).

If you are on Twitter, I have found that following @samandcath has really helped me. It is Coronation Street star Catherine Tyldesley and her personal trainer Sam Witter who have set it up and tweet regular healthy tips and meal ideas as well as answering questions. Really worth a follow! They have already answered lots of my questions which has helped spur me on and steer me into the right direction.

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