Thursday, 19 July 2012

Yes! My ebay steals continue...

Yes, I know I do tend to bang on about Ebay a lot but there is a reason for it - it's bloody marvelous! I am currently waiting for the arrival of two brand new items of Topshop clothing that I have bought from a seller I found on ebay who get's factory seconds and so sells them for much cheaper than in the store. She is saved as one of my favourite sellers so get a notification when she lists new items for sale! (dangerous really) I am especially pleased with the dress I bought as I got it for £14.99 and in store it is £50! Massive bargain alert! The great thing about this seller is if there is a fault with the item of clothing she is honest and lists it. She has normally repaired any little defects that may have occured in the item but in all of the items I have looked through, I think I have only seen a couple that are faulty.

BARGAIN: My new top

I also bought a great canvas a while back that hubby put up while he was waiting to go back to work (I kept him busy) It was £7 and altogether with delivery £10 - a steal! I wanted it for the bathroom to add a bit of colour and make it look a bit more 'funky' and I am really pleased with it!!!


All in all, I always look on ebay first whenever I need or want to buy something. I have recently bought toys for the rabbit on there too as they are much cheaper than pet shops. Phone cases are literally a couple of pound rather than £20 like in the shops. I even bought a brand new Morphy Richards kettle RRP £45 for £19.99 and it's brilliant!

Long may the Ebay steals continue!!

YET ANOTHER: Our new bathroom canvas

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