Monday, 2 July 2012

You need to hear this: Esco Williams

For all of you out there who like to check out new music and upcoming artists, I strongly recommend that you check out Esco Williams.

Now I'm not saying that I know a lot about music or what is 'IN' right now, I just like what I like. I am quite eclectic too so will listen to anything from cheesy pop to R n B to heavy metal! I just love how music can make you feel and the sense of nostalgia you get when hearing a song you haven't heard in so long and how it can take you back to another time. I like songs that have a good melody and that catch your attention straight away. I also like songs that are smart and cleverly written, lyrics that make you think WOW! Whether it is because you know exactly how they might have felt when they wrote them or simply because the lyrics are that bloody clever they make you stop what you are doing and listen.

Esco Williams is that bloody clever guy.

He is a super cool and talented with a funky sound and I truly believe he is going to be the next big thing. The hype surrounding the Liverpool based singer is continually growing, you only have to look at the feedback on his Facebook fan page or Twitter to find out just how many people are listening to and liking his music.

You don't have to just take my opinion on the self described 'Soul Powered Nerd', his accolades already include being play listed on BBC Radio 1XTRA, touring with Jazz icon Brian Culbertson as well being voted into the MTV Top 20 artists for brand music in 2012.

So what are you waiting for? You can check out his new stuff on Soundcloud now by clicking the link below:

Go on! You know you wanna!

New Challenger is an awesome track and lives up to my idea of clever lyrics. Esco's voice is smooth and soulful yet passionate. He reminds me a bit of John Legend with regards to the power and sound of his voice.

Be sure to also find him on Facebook and Twitter (@EscoWilliamsMusic) to keep up with the hype.

#HCNC #teamESCO #NewChallenger

UP COMING TALENT: Esco Williams (@EscoWilliams)

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