Thursday, 23 August 2012

Anyone got a pause button?

How quickly has this year flown by?? I know EVERYONE says that every year and we all say the same things such as 'Aren't the nights drawing in now' or 'I can't beleive it's that time of year already.' but for me, this year really does seem to have gone in the blink of an eye. It does more and more the older you get my grandad always tells me, cheers then! I'm getting older and getting older quicker. FAB!

The reason I feel the need to talk about this yearly subject / conversation is because for me, I do really feel as though a lot of 2012 has slipped through my fingers...firstly because of starting the year off ill and then because of certain financial 'eeks' that put our plans on hold, not too mention the crappy summer. It just feels as though this year never truly got started. Now we are way passed the halfway mark of the year and plummeting into Autumn. I will say that as much as I feel I want someone to just slow it down a bit we are getting into my favourite time of year. I do love Autumn! I love Halloween and I love Bonfire Night, I also love the build up to Christmas no matter how rediculously early it starts! I just feel that for the first time this year we can properly breather and relax, we are now looking at stuff we want to do and enjoy and 2012 is growing older by the day.

Ah well, I guess you just have to look at the positives don't you? I was ill at the beginning of 2012 and am now a lot better. Going through hard times with money only makes you more savvy and wiser for the next time around and if Autumn is my favourite time of year then it is the best time of year to have got any little problems sorted by!

We will be able to shop for christmas presents a bit more easily too and enjoy the festive season (Well I will my husband hates it).

All in all, things are looking up just in time to enjoy the end of 2012 and welcome in 2013... lets hope the unlucky number is more lucky for us!

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