Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Hair Repair.

Lately, all of a sudden my hair was starting to feel like wire wool and look like Worzel Gummidge, when it started getting to a point where it was un-managable I knew I was overdue a haircut! I must admit, I have been sparing with haircuts over the last year but will now step up a bit more and have them more regularly as it makes such a difference to the health of your hair and helps it grow.

After having my hair cut yesterday, it is feeling a million times better! Another reason for this though is definitely because of this marvellous serum I bought at the weekend by Aussie. I love serum, it is brilliant for hair and I put it on both when my hair's sopping wet and as a finisher when it's dry (not too much though or you can look like a greaseball) It has made such a difference to my hair already. It smells gorgeous too! A bit fruity like melon or something... yum!

HAIR GOD: Aussie Dual Personality


  1. Great minds think alike! I use the same stuff. Xx

  2. Its great! bit more watery than the others I have used so a little goes a long way! xx

  3. I use the Aussie miracle leave in conditioner spray... That's brilliant too, and makes your hair smell so nice you'd want to eat it! lol xxx

  4. I make my own hot oil treatment with 3parts castor oil, 1 part olive oil and a few drops of tea tree oil (castor oil has a funny smell otherwise) leave it on for at least half an hour then shampoo out with SLS free shampoo. VERY shiny and glossy afterwords and mega cheap.


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